balancing wellbeing, empathy, purpose and performance

This week’s blog is, in fact, a podcast. I’m excited to share with you a new Australian Institute of Company Directors podcast series on digital transformation, brought to you by Company Director magazine in partnership with Microsoft.

In episode 2 which is now live, Alan Kohler speaks with John Mullen, Chair of Telstra and Brambles, Steven Worrall, Managing Director of Microsoft Australia and New Zealand, and myself on the topic ‘Why leadership matters more than ever: balancing wellbeing, empathy, purpose and performance.’

In this 35 minute episode, we explore the leadership mindsets driving innovation, the impact of Covid, and how to balance performance with employee wellbeing during digital transformation.

To listen, search ‘Directors on Digital’ on your podcast app, or:

I hope this podcast provides you with useful insights on how to lead effectively against a backdrop of relentless digital transformation.

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For two decades, Dr. Peter Fuda has been a Sherpa to leaders, teams and organizations across the globe. He’s coached more than 200 CEOs to measurably higher levels of performance. His consulting company has delivered some 50 cases of business transformation and more than 1,000 cases of leadership transformation, at a success rate of greater than 90%.

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I introduced Enixa to my top 100 leaders to create more capability and alignment across the team. Within a few short months, its powerful impact was evident, individually and collectively.

Andy PennCEO, Allied Pinnacle