“The best leaders don’t project perfection.”

In this short video blog, I discuss the two most common kinds of mask that leaders wear; the first aims to project perfection, the second aims to project a persona. Some of you will be familiar with this content from my research some years ago, but it includes new insights gleaned much more recently.  

It’s the first of several videos from recent filming with the wonderful team at  Big Think in NYC. Big Think is one of the worlds foremost thought leadership platforms, so I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already.

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about PETER

For two decades, Dr. Peter Fuda has been a Sherpa to leaders, teams and organizations across the globe. He’s coached more than 200 CEOs to measurably higher levels of performance. His consulting company has delivered some 50 cases of business transformation and more than 1,000 cases of leadership transformation, at a success rate of greater than 90%.

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I introduced Enixa to my top 100 leaders to create more capability and alignment across the team. Within a few short months, its powerful impact was evident, individually and collectively.

Andy PennCEO, Allied Pinnacle